Sensors in Motion

Sensors in Motion is the world’s leading creator of navigation grade, solid state silicon and quartz MEMS-based sensor solutions that revolutionize navigation, positioning, stabilization and control with best-in-class performance, size, weight, power and cost.   We leverage 30 years development and multiple technologies initially developed at NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory.

Disruptive technology which transforms cyber resilience, GPS Denial, and cost barriers.

With 42 patents, world class scientists and engineers and incredible partners, we address the $2B high performance gyroscope market currently using 50 year old technologies, the $2.2B precision, rate and tactical markets currently not served by low cost MeMs technology.

We address applications where navigation grade IMU’s are size, weight and power (SWaP) critical for GPS denial and PNT in aerospace, defense, oil, gas and mineral exploration, agriculture, heavy equipment, industrial robotics and high end consumer, urban underground infrastructure and transportation needs.  We are making now generation sensors based on proprietary technologies that replace or create new markets due to low cost-SWaP previously unobtainable.   When consumer electronics move beyond novelty and toys, we’ll serve the need for serious applications.

Sensors in Motion is privately held.    Its initial funding came from partners and customers who require its technology to meet the next generation of peacekeeping, industrial development and human security needs.   The company is aggressively delivering on its objective to produce gyroscopes, accelerometers, clocks, IMU and INS systems for world renowned corporations and government integration.






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